Number Porting Info

Number Porting / Local Number Portability

Local Number Porting (LNP) allows you to migrate to a Simtex SIP Trunk or Cloud PBX whilst keeping your existing telephone number or block of numbers.
This means, you can get rid of your existing fixed phone lines without having to change your phone number! Your existing number or block of numbers will route to your VoIP service directly.

I have a single number

Porting of a single number usually takes two weeks, with only a few minutes downtime when the port takes place.  You have the ability to forward calls from your existing landline to a Simtex-supplied temporary number whilst the porting takes place.
When approved, Simtex will give notice of the booked time and date the port will take place.

I have a block of numbers

Simtex allows the porting of larger number blocks or ranges of 10 to 100 contiguous numbers.  These are usually tied to ISDN services and classed as complex ports. Porting of complex services usually takes more than a month to complete and additional fees apply. 
Although rare, some carriers charge a port-away fee when moving numbers to a different carrier – please check with your existing carrier to ensure you are not hit with any unexpected bills.
Complex ports are booked well in advance and normally have around 10 minutes downtime.

Best Practices

To ensure your number is working at all times throughout the porting process, we recommend you submit your porting application once you have your new VoIP services up and running.

Incompatible Products or Features

In order to successfully port a number to Simtex, it is imperative your existing lines are in the correct state prior to submitting an application.
Incompatible features or products which will cause your application to be rejected adding long delays to the process. You may also be charged reapplication fees.
If unsure, you may wish to contact you carrier asking them to confirm your line is in a portable state prior to processing an application with Simtex.

  • Line hunt or rotary
  • Fax Duet
  • Pending disconnection – if you have exchange or carrier based diversion in place

Temporary Call Forward

Porting numbers can take some time, especially if rejections and reapplications occur.
To ensure your business or home number stays active throughout the process, Simtex will supply a temporary number whilst you wait for the port to be approved and booked in. Simply connect a standard phone to your line and use the call-forward immediate feature code. If you have an existing PABX or business phone system, your phone installer may need to disconnect the line from your phone system in order to dial the call forward feature code.

Telstra and other carriers


Porting Types

Category A


  • Individual analogue numbers
  • Up to 4 numbers in one batch
  • Normally takes 10 business days
  • Simple process
  • 1 rejection re-application included
  • $45 per subsequent re-application

Category C


  • Single ISDN numbers
  • Block of 10 or 100 ISDN numbers
  • Approximately one month to complete
  • 1 rejection re-application included
  • $45 per subsequent re-application

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