Fax eMail Service


Simtex’s Fax eMail service delivers faxes via email with your own dedicated fax number.  Faxes are delivered as a PDF attachment.

You have the option of porting an existing number across to our network, or have a new number allocated in the Australian location of your choice.

Cheaper than a phone line!

At $9.95 per month, with a generous 1000 included pages per month you will be saving around $25 per month in comparison to a dedicated fax line.

Never miss another fax

Simtex will email your faxes as a PDF attachment, easily readable on your smart phone or tablet.

Delivery Reports

Each inbound fax email contains delivery information stipulating who the fax was sent from, plus any errors or issues with transmission.

Keep your existing number

Simtex can port your existing landline (PSTN or ISDN) number from most carriers in Australia.  Porting a single analogue / PSTN line costs $65 and takes approximately two weeks, whereas ISDN numbers take just over a month and can cost more depending on the carrier.  We can supply a temporary number for you to forward calls to whilst porting is taking place.

More info on porting

Fax eMail

  • 1000 included pages
  • $0.011 per page thereafter
  • Phone number included
  • $9.95 per month